Speak with me

Speak English as often as you wish and let it grow

Improve your English or maintain the level you have

Spend 15 minutes of free call with me to find out if my English suits you

From 200 CZK per 15 min

Fancy speaking?

In case you crave to speak English and let your English grow anywhere and anytime or you just need to maintain the language level you currently have and you feel lack of opportunities at the same time, SPEAK WITH ME!

The SPEAK WITH ME pack offers what you long for – short phone calls in English as often as you wish. I will call you within scheduled time and we can discuss any topic you need – e.g. your shopping plan or preparation for your oncoming evaluation interview with your boss.


PACK 1: 5 short sessions 1100 CZK (220 CZK per 15 minutes)
PACK 2: 10 short sessions 2000 CZK (200 CZK per 15 minutes)

Leave your contact information and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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